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Post: Williams and Kate’s US trip overshadowed


Prince William and his wife Kate are making their first overseas trip to the United States since the Queen’s death. The trip was overshadowed by allegations of racism at Buckingham Palace.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at Boston Airport.

Prince William, Queen On her first overseas trip after Elizabeth’s death, she wants to draw attention to the fight against the climate crisis in the United States. The heir to the British throne, along with his wife Kate, were expected Wednesday in Boston, where this year’s “Earthshot” award will be presented on Friday.

US President Joe Biden will also welcome the couple in Boston, as confirmed by the White House. The award ceremony is being held for the second time and is seen as a heart project by William (40). Each year, five projects that stand out in the categories of nature protection, protection of the seas, air quality, waste prevention and climate protection will be awarded.

William and Kate with a new title

King Charles III has given the Royal Family new titles after ascending the throne: William and Kate (40) are now traveling abroad for the first time as Prince and Princess of Wales – titles previously worn by Charles and his first wife, Princess Diana.

According to “Guardian”, William’s plans to meet with his brother Harry, 38, and his wife, Meghan, 41, are unknown – but they too want to travel to the east coast in a few days. The relationship between siblings is considered strained.

Racism at Buckingham Palace?

Meanwhile, William and Kate’s trip was marred by allegations of racist comments at the Buckingham Palace reception. A court employee resigned after the incident. According to consistent media reports, Lady Susan Hussey. The godmother of the 83-year-old heir to the throne, Prince William, and Queen Elizabeth II, as reported by the BBC, among others. She had been a close friend of Elizabeth’s for decades.

Buckingham Palace said on Wednesday that the royal family took the incident very seriously and that the person concerned immediately resigned from his honorary post and apologized for the pain he had caused.

Ngozi Fulani, a prominent black activist for victims of domestic violence, who was invited as a guest to Queen Camilla’s reception, later said she had “mixed feelings”.

Courthouse staff asked where they came from

She recounted that conversation from her own organization Sistah Space’s Twitter account: A courthouse worker repeatedly asked her where she “really” came from, and she was not satisfied with the answer she was given. Great Britain and British.

Court staff several times asked about their origin. “Unacceptable and very sad statements were made,” the palace wrote in a statement. Fulani was reached out and invited to discuss the case further if they wished.

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