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Post: 49 euro ticket: EVG warns of cuts


The union EVG warns that the 49-euro ticket could lead to major disruptions to public transport. Staff density is lacking.

The rail and transport association EVG has warned against reducing the number of trains and buses if the planned Germany ticket is not adequately counter-funded by the federal government.

EVG boss Martin Burkert of the German Press Agency said, “You should cancel the transportation services, it would be a complete loss in terms of climate policy in our country.”

Build adequate staffing levels in public transport

If the 49 euro ticket is introduced on 1 April, a cost assessment must be made after six months. If necessary, the federal government should fire. Local public transport (ÖPNV) should also be expanded further.

Sufficient staffing is required.

The new 49 euro ticket must also be accepted by the employees.

Martin Burkert, EVG president

The 9 euro ticket caused an enormous overload for employees in the summer.

EVG: 9 euro ticket led to overload and cancellations

The result was a high rate of disease, sometimes over 30 percent in metropolitan areas. More than six million overtime hours had accumulated at Deutsche Bahn alone – for train drivers, dispatchers and train attendants, for example. The result is trips cancelled. “There’s just a shortage of staff, to a very large extent,” Burkert said.

The head of EVG reported a very high volatility. Deutsche Bahn hired 24,000 people this year, but nearly half left the company. The reasons are low wages, shift work and lack of living space in metropolises.

The 9-euro ticket also showed that the escalators, elevators, handles, seats and toilets were broken, unable to withstand the onslaught of passengers. Burkert said the material should be more robust here.

Source: ZDF

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