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Post: Russia harvests billions of dollars of wheat


According to estimates by the US space agency Nasa, Russia harvested about a billion dollars worth of wheat from Ukrainian fields in 2022.

Nasa Harvest said Russia harvested about 5.8 million tons of wheat from fields in Ukraine that were not under the country’s control. This probably corresponds to around one billion dollars (around 950 million euros) worth of wheat harvested from Ukrainian fields this year.

Nasa Harvest is the food security and agriculture program of the US space agency. For research, the authority uses satellite data and models with several partner institutions.

NASA’s harvest forecast: About 26.6 million tons of wheat

Scientists involved in the research project estimate that a total of about 26.6 million tons were harvested in Ukraine this year, which is much more than previously estimated. This is close to the average, although it is below the previous year’s record yield of 33 million tons.

Our satellite production figures for the 2022 winter wheat crop in Ukraine make it clear that farmers are having a largely successful crop.

Inbal Becker-Reshef, NASA Harvest

However, due to the war, Ukraine could not reach 22 percent of the wheat in the east of the country. About 88 percent of the seed was collected, and that was apparently not the case in many fields at the front.

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Source: ZDF

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