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Post: Union politicians attack Lambrecht


“Incompetence” and “wrong priorities”: this accuses Union Defense Minister Lambrecht. The reason is the failures of the infantry fighting vehicle Puma.

Politicians from the CDU and CSU are making serious allegations against Federal Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht (SPD) for far-reaching problems with the Puma infantry fighting vehicle.

After the ammunition debacle, the F-35 and poor budget planning, the string of failures continues with the Puma infantry fighting vehicle.

Florian Hahn (CSU), defense expert

Blame: Lambrecht sets wrong priorities

CSU defense expert Florian Hahn told “Augsburger Allgemeine.” Hahn continues: “The minister sets the wrong priorities.”

Hahn complained that speed seemed more important to the federal government than quality and operational readiness. “Not only is confidence in the troops being lost, but the lives and limbs of our soldiers are being neglected and put at risk.”

Otte: “Fiasco for defense preparation”

CDU defense politician Hennig Otte said on Bayern 2 radio station that the failure of the Puma infantry fighting vehicle was “a devastating blow, a fiasco for the defense preparation and therefore for the defense minister”. The reasons must now be clarified: “There were too few spare parts, not enough maintenance?”

A clear assessment of the situation must be made as quickly as possible – and Christmas cannot be considered here.

Henning Otte (CDU), defense politician

On Sunday, it was announced that 18 Puma armored personnel carriers deployed during a Bundeswehr exercise failed due to technical problems. The vehicles were supposed to be used by NATO’s Rapid Response Force from January. There they will now be replaced by Marder-type tanks.

Lambrecht: Fix it ASAP

Lambrecht has requested analysis by all parties involved in the Puma failures by the end of next week. At ZDF he demanded the industry repair it “as soon as possible”. The minister in the ZDF Today Journal said he expects commitments “within a few weeks” before a solution can be agreed upon.

Otherwise, I cannot take responsibility.

Christine Lambrecht (SPD), Federal Minister of Defense at ZDF

Source: ZDF

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