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Post: CDU aims to expel Maassen from party


The CDU is looking for a solution to exclude Hans-Georg Maassen. Maassen made some disturbing statements recently.

As far as the CDU is concerned, the measure is apparently full. The party leadership in Konrad-Adenauer-Haus, in coordination with the CDU state association in Thuringia, is seeking a way to exclude the controversial former Head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maassen, from the CDU. . In an interview, Maassen talked about his red-green racism towards whites.

According to Maassen, there is “an expression of the green-red racial theory according to which whites are viewed as an inferior race and therefore Arab and African men should be brought into the country”.

Maassen had previously attracted attention with his writings that crossed the party line. Until now, the CDU had always hesitated to draw any conclusions from it.

CDU general secretary: “Until the exclusion of the party”

Maassen’s last statement in the interview was now the last straw. A spokesperson for the CDU told ZDF:

CDU Germany Secretary General Mario Czaja, Dr. Maassen was appointed. We are in close contact with the responsible Thuringian state association.

CDU spokesperson

The CDU is now exacerbating the dispute with its controversial member. Christian Hergott, Secretary General of the CDU Thuringia, said:

Mr. Maassen’s statements reflect neither the language nor the mentality of the CDU Thuringia. The language of anti-Semitic and conspiratorial ideologues has no place among us.

Christian Herrgott, Secretary General of the CDU Thuringia

CDU campaigners in Berlin: “It must end now”

Various members of the CDU leadership had already recorded their displeasure with Hans-Georg Maassen throughout the day.

Party vice chairman Karin Prien openly threatened Maassen: “If Mr. Maassen is still a member of the CDU at our next federal board meeting on February 13, I will request the federal board to dismiss him from our party.”

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Source: ZDF

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