PoliticsFinland: NATO membership possible without Sweden

Finland: NATO membership possible without Sweden


Due to a possible Turkish blockade on Sweden’s NATO membership, Finland wants to consider joining on its own. Joint participation is still the “first option”.

According to Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, Finland should consider joining NATO without Stockholm, given the possibility of Turkey’s no to Sweden. However, Haavisto stressed on Tuesday that joint engagement remains “the first option”.

After the Quran was burned in Stockholm, Turkey threatened to block Sweden’s accession to NATO. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg dismissed the threat and referred to freedom of expression in Sweden.

Finland: Joint NATO membership with Sweden Target

Haavisto said on Finnish television that his country should “assess whether there is anything that will hinder Sweden’s long-term progress”. He later confirmed at a press conference that Finland is committed to a common NATO goal from both Scandinavian countries.

Haavisto does not want to “speculate” about joining alone, “as both countries seem to be making progress.” But of course Finland also has “in mind” scenarios where some countries will be permanently expelled from membership.

Haavisto considers interruption in meeting

On Tuesday, Haavisto spoke of the possibility of a pause in the Finland-Sweden-Turkey talks. The next meeting will likely be postponed for weeks.

According to “Yle” media, Finnish President Sauli Niinist√∂ said during a visit to Kiev that one should be ready regarding the NATO process and now first wait for the election results in Turkey.

Helsinki: Ankara blockade lasts until Turkish elections

Referring to the pro-Kurdish protests in Stockholm on Saturday and a doll that belonged to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which had previously been hung upside down, Haavisto said the Kurdish protests had blocked their NATO membership and that the demonstrators were “playing with the security of Finland and Sweden”.

Haavisto suspects that Turkey’s NATO blockade will “certainly last until elections in Turkey in mid-May”. After the Qur’an was burned by a far-right person in Stockholm, Erdogan said “Sweden should not expect any support from us” in the face of planned NATO membership.

Stoltenberg: NATO membership must be accelerated

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that Turkey has so far shown to be very cooperative in the discussions of NATO accession. Approval of participation protocols should not fail in the last meters.

Stoltenberg said 28 out of 30 NATO countries have accepted NATO enlargement. “And of course I’m asking the remaining Allies – Hungary and Turkey – to speed up these procedures in their parliaments.”

Ankara is demanding a tougher stance on Kurdish activists, whom the Turkish government considers “terrorists,” so that Stockholm approves Sweden’s application for NATO membership.

Source: ZDF

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