Post: Corruption allegations against Lindner cleared

The Public Prosecutor’s Office denied the allegations that Finance Minister Lindner was favored because of the housing loan. There is no initial doubt after the examination.

After reporting allegations against Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) in connection with a real estate loan, the Berlin prosecutor saw “no initial suspicion of criminal behavior”.

With this finding, the anti-corruption agency closed an investigation on Thursday, the public prosecutor announced on Friday. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the investigation “neither raised the initial suspicion that MPs had been bribed (…) nor accepted an advantage that was in any case remote”.

Prosecution: No evidence of exploitation

Furthermore, there was no evidence that the loan was linked to expectations of future decisions or the fulfillment of previous decisions, even for the purpose of “generating general goodwill.”

Newspapers had reported, among other things, that Lindner arranged a video greeting for a private client bank in May 2022. Then he took another loan from the same bank.

Lindner himself had denied the allegations. His lawyer and Ministry of Finance said that celebrating anniversaries is part of a minister’s job.

Source: ZDF

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