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Post: Berlin votes again on 12 February


A short time ago Karlsruhe decided: repeated elections could be held in Berlin on 12 February. The appeal of the Federal Constitutional Court was rejected.

The Federal Constitutional Court rejected the request to stay the re-election. The Senate announced the decision in the morning without giving reasons. This should be “separately sent to the relevant persons” as stated in a press release.

Numerous glitches in the election on Sunday

The Berlin election on 26 September 2022 was declared invalid in mid-November by the state constitutional court due to numerous setbacks. Missing and incorrect ballot papers, ballot boxes opened after 18.00 and closed ballot boxes were some of them.

The court had decided on both the parliamentary and district elections, but there was no need to repeat the expropriation referendum. All four elections in Berlin were held on the same day – and Sunday, when the Berlin marathon was also held and traditionally paralyzed half the city.

Major cases still pending

However, as announced on Monday and first reported in the Berlin media, the main case on this issue is still pending, as all members of the House of Representatives have until 3 March to comment. Karlsruhe decides on a possible repetition of elections to the Bundestag in certain constituencies by an extra procedure. This was decided by the Bundestag.

Source: ZDF

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