Post: Spy balloon spotted in US skies

The US has been monitoring a suspicious Chinese spy bubble over the US for several days. The Pentagon assumes he’s Chinese too.

The US military has detected a Chinese spy bubble in the northern US. The Pentagon announced on Thursday that the balloon had been spotted over the northwestern US state of Montana.

Nuclear missiles are stored, among other things, at Malmstrom Air Force Base in the US state of Montana.

The trajectory of the balloon is closely followed. “Still over the US,” he said. It was considered to shoot it, but it was decided to reject it due to the danger of falling debris.

Pentagon: The balloon comes from China

Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said that after the discovery of the balloon, the government took immediate action to prevent the disclosure of sensitive information.

“It’s certain the balloon came from China,” he said from the Pentagon. Similar incidents have occurred in the past.

No military threat

The difference this time is that the balloon stays over the United States longer than usual. Ryder said the balloon poses no military threat or danger to people on the ground. The balloon is also said to be safe for airplanes due to its high flight altitude.

The US is in contact with China regarding the incident. The incident further strained the already strained relations between the People’s Republic and the United States.

Source: ZDF

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