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Post: France for hydrogen from nuclear power


France wants to include hydrogen produced from nuclear energy in the EU’s renewable energy targets. Eight other EU countries support the initiative.

In the debate on the promotion of renewable energies in the EU, France faces Germany. The government in Paris is spearheading the initiative of several EU countries to integrate hydrogen from nuclear power generation into their renewable energy targets. In addition to France, eight more EU countries signed a corresponding letter to the EU Commission this week.

According to information received from EU circles, at least nine other EU members, including Germany, Austria and Denmark, oppose it. According to him, the goals of the European Union should be limited to renewable sources such as wind and solar energy.

Negotiations on the next route

In this context, a representative warned against diluting EU targets. After all, nuclear energy is not renewable, so the debate continues. France and some Eastern European countries say the restrictions demanded by the other party are slowing the development of the hydrogen industry.

Negotiations on the future route towards more renewable energy in the Community are expected to take place in the European Union next week.

France relies on nuclear energy

Most of the hydrogen produced in the European Union is currently based on the fossil fuels coal and natural gas. The EU wants to set targets for hydrogen production using renewable energies such as wind and solar.

France has traditionally relied heavily on nuclear power for electricity generation. However, recently many reactors have been shut down for maintenance work. President Emmanuel Macron wants at least six new reactors built by 2050. The government on Friday also gave the green light to extend the life of existing nuclear power plants to 60 years or more if safety regulations allow.

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