PoliticsTrump accuses Biden of leadership weakness

Trump accuses Biden of leadership weakness


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Republican backlash to Biden’s State of the Union speech followed immediately: Donald Trump and Governor Sanders accused the US President of lacking leadership.

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Former US President Donald Trump commented live on incumbent President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech on his online platform, Truth Social, and did not shy away from criticism.

In a speech Tuesday evening (local time), he accused Biden of poor leadership. Trump wrote that Chinese President Xi Jinping is “laughing at our current leadership, he wasn’t laughing before”. He praised his own policies as president in 2017-2021 and accused Biden of broadcasting Trump’s political victories.

Trump accuses Biden of ‘destroying’ the US

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Even before speaking, Trump had released a video in which he accused the Biden government of “destroying the country”. Trump said the US President had brought America “on the brink of World War III”. Biden and the “Radical Democrats” would have wasted trillions of dollars and created “the worst inflation”. Biden is using the Justice Department to take action against political dissidents. His government is waging a “war on free speech” and trying to brainwash children.

But the good news is that Trump, who is running as the Republican candidate in the 2024 presidential election, said, “We will reverse every crisis, misfortune and disaster caused by Joe Biden.” “I am running for President to complete the unfinished business of ending the destruction of our country and making America great again.”

Sanders: Biden is not fit as commander-in-chief

Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders also harshly attacked Biden, accusing him of lacking leadership.

President Biden’s weakness puts our nation and the world at risk.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

This is what the former spokesperson of former President Trump said in his counter speech. Traditionally, when the president speaks, a response comes from the other side. Huckabee is now the governor of the southern US state of Arkansas.

“President Biden is not ready to defend our borders, our airspace and our people,” Huckabee said. “The president’s refusal to confront our strongest enemy, China, is dangerous and unacceptable.” He was unsuitable as commander-in-chief.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders on February 8, 2023 in Little Rock (USA)

Chinese balloon over US territory

Sanders was talking about the appearance of a Chinese surveillance balloon allegedly used for espionage purposes over US soil. The US military downed a Chinese balloon over the Atlantic off the coast of the state of South Carolina on Saturday after flying over the country for days. Prominent Republicans have accused Biden of being weak against the rising superpower China.

[Dass während Trumps Präsidentschaft drei solcher Ballons ohne Abschuss über die USA geflogen sind, lesen Sie hier: Will China bewusst provozieren?]

Sanders accused Biden of living with the consequences of failed policies, while his administration “seems to be more concerned with aroused fantasies than with the harsh realities that Americans face every day.”

Awake (translated as “awakened”) is someone who feels and deals with injustice in a society. The adjective now has a negative connotation and has become a battleground for conservatives.

Source: ZDF

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