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Post: Energy subsidy: Students keep waiting


Many people in Germany have already received an energy cost subsidy. Students must also receive 200 euros. But they keep waiting. Now there is news.

Rising energy costs are also a problem for students. Some even run into financial trouble due to additional costs. Six months ago, the federal government decided that all students must receive a one-time payment of 200 euros. The law went into effect on December 21. But they are still waiting for their money.

All students and technical students who enroll on 1 December or attend a technical school should benefit from the subsidy. In Germany as a whole, that’s about three and a half million people. Students and technical students should apply for the subsidy.

Energy subsidy payment requires new software

Saxon Science Minister Sebastian Gemkow told ZDF the problem is with one-time payments to so many students.

Previous structures were not designed to make one-time payments to students.

Sebastian Gemkow, Minister of Science of Saxony

He goes on to explain: “A completely new software platform must be established.” This will be programmed by the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt and then made available to all federal states to make the payments. And this lasts.

Student fears heating costs

Unfortunately, an explanation that is of no use to the students involved at the moment. Because many people need money urgently, for example pre-service teacher Luca Fischer: “I don’t even turn on the heating because I’m afraid I’ll forget to turn it off.” And afraid:

I can’t even imagine what the bill will look like in the end, and I really don’t want to know.

Luca Fischer, student

Students: Uncertainty before the next down payment

He’s not the only one to experience such fears. “I know a few students who decide not to get warm in the winter because they don’t know what’s going to happen with the next down payment,” says Mathias Frock, Managing Director of the Dresden Student Council. Students feel forgotten.

While civil servants and retirees have received their money, it is unclear when they will receive the money, even for students.

Mathias Frock, Director General of the Dresden Student Council

The current situation causes great dissatisfaction among students. Frock also criticizes: “Almost no student will be able to set aside that 200 euros for additional payment because the money is long gone by then.”

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When can students apply for a one-time payment?

But on Tuesday, news came from the Federal Ministry of Education. Bettina Stark-Watzinger announced that the platform is almost complete. It would now fall to the federal states to get past the last legal hurdles. Information about students and technical students will still need to be transmitted to the platform. Then you can finally start paying the money. The website already exists.

Platform: One-time

  • Countries can decide for themselves when they want to start paying. However, they unanimously agreed to start on March 15. From then on, students and technical students can apply for a one-time payment.

    Students like Luca Fischer would be happy if the energy subsidy was paid off quickly. But when exactly can they count on money – no one can answer that yet.

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