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Post: Association of German Cities calls for quick deal


City day requires speed with basic child safety. Director-General Dedy warns of the enforcement effort – the legislative process “must be started quickly”.

The Association of German Cities urged the traffic lights coalition to reach a swift agreement on the dispute over basic child safety. “The new basic child safety should be a milestone against child poverty. The traffic light now needs to tie the knot so that the new system can come by 2025,” said Helmut Dedy, Managing Director of the German editorial network (RND, Sunday editions). .

We call for rapid coordination within the federal government.

Helmut Dedy, Director General of the German Cities Association

Core child safety in coalition agreement

Basic child safety was agreed upon in the traffic light parties’ coalition agreement. However, the Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner (FDP) had questioned the project in general a few days ago. “Transferring more money” doesn’t make sense, he said. From his point of view, the main issue is to digitize and simplify children’s support.

Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus (B’90/The Greens) described basic child safety at Deutschlandfunk on Thursday as “the central socio-political project of this coalition”. Additional costs of 12.5 billion euros per year are expected for the project. He also reported this amount for the 2025 budget.” The aim of basic child safety is to combine and expand the various family policy benefits.

Child support is about this:

City Day calls for quick implementation

Green leader Ricarda Lang was confident that an agreement would be reached on basic child safety. For “Bild am Sonntag”, he says he’s confident “we can do it together at the traffic light”. Lang defined basic child safety as a necessary measure against child poverty.

One in five children in Germany grows up in poverty. This is unbearable. We’re not ready to just accept that.

Ricarda Lang, Federal President of the B’90/The Greens

City Day Chief Executive Dedy told RND that key points from Family Minister Paus “are already pointing in the right direction”. However, it expects a high level of implementation effort and therefore calls for a swift start to the legislative process.

Preparing this administrative reform will require a great deal of effort as federal, state and local governments will have to consolidate their previous benefits for families.

Helmut Dedy, Director General of the German Cities Association

Association of towns and municipalities supports basic child safety

The German Association of Towns and Municipalities also supports the introduction of basic child safety. Managing Director Gerd Landsberg told RND that there are currently a number of family policy services that need to be “packaged, designed more effectively and simplified”.

It can provide basic child safety, greater transparency and simpler enforcement.

Source: ZDF

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