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Post: USA: Abrams commitment only after pressure from Germany


Was the delivery of US Abrams tanks promised only under German pressure? That’s what Biden’s security adviser says, and he sees the Leopard tanks as more useful for Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden approves delivery
According to the White House, the sending of Abrams’ main battle tanks to Ukraine was only approved due to pressure from Germany. “He initially decided not to send them because his military said they were not useful on the battlefield in this war,” Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told ABC on Sunday.

German Leopard tanks were said to be useful. “But the Germans told the President they were not ready to send these leopards into battle (…) until President Abrams agreed to send them,” Sullivan said.

Advisor: Biden wanted to preserve NATO unity

Sullivan agreed to a long-term supply of Abrams tanks in the name of “alliance unity” and “to ensure Ukraine gets what it wants” – but Abrams is not what Ukraine needs right now, Sullivan said.

Those leopards are shipping now, and this is an example of Joe Biden putting together the global alliance to give Ukraine what it needs.

Jake Sullivan, US Presidential Security Advisor

Scholz was hesitant about the leopard delivery.

In the interview, Sullivan answered the question that Abrams tanks may not come to Ukraine this year. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) had long hesitated to send German Leopard battle tanks – until the United States agreed to surrender the Abrams tanks.

Scholz always emphasizes close coordination with the largest and most influential NATO member. The SPD politician is expected to visit the White House on Friday.

It was the first time that the USA emphasized the importance of Abrams tanks for Ukraine.

Following the commitment to deliver Abrams tanks, the United States emphasized that this did not merely serve to pave the way for tank shipments from the Allies. A Pentagon spokesman said after the commitment that US main battle tanks would give Ukraine an advantage on the battlefield.

The Pentagon had previously stated that it did not see the provision of the Abrams tank as impractical for practical reasons. The US government is now ordering tanks for Ukraine from the industry – that is, the tanks do not come from the army’s own stockpiles. It may take time for the tanks to arrive in Ukraine.

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