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Post: Zelenskyj: All murderers must be punished


Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is confident that those responsible for the war against his country will be punished. “This is not just a dream,” he said.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, he firmly believes that those responsible for the war against his country will be held to account.

In his video address on Sunday evening, Zelenskyj said that the way to punish Russian perpetrators was paved at an international conference in Lviv, Ukraine.

All Russian murderers, all organizers of this aggression, all those who in any way cause war against our country and terror against our people must be punished.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Zelenskyi: Just a punishment “not just a dream”

The cornerstone for this was laid at the international conference “Unification for Justice” held in Lviv recently.

Zelenskyy underlined that the fair punishment of those responsible for the war was “not just a dream”. “This is already a work in progress.” The world is “strong” enough to punish Russia for the war in Ukraine. “And we will give the world the courage and the tools to carry out the punishment.”

At the conference in Lviv, it was decided, among other things, to establish a new international center for the prosecution of war crimes. It aims to provide evidence for future trials.

For months, Ukraine, together with its supporters, has been trying to establish an international tribunal for Nazi war criminals, modeled after the Nuremberg tribunal, where prominent Russian representatives will be held accountable for the war against the neighboring country.

Kiev: Russian troops continue their attack on Bakhmut

Meanwhile, the Russian army continued its fight to seize the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut on Sunday. “They (Russian troops) do not stop attacking Bakhmut and the surrounding settlements,” said the situation report of the Ukrainian General Staff in Kiev, released in the evening.

Numerous settlements around Bachmut were bombarded with mortars and artillery. The generals in Kiev did not disclose any territorial gains or losses.

So far Bakhmut has been under pressure from three sides, with only one side still open to the west, offering the Ukrainian troops a corridor for a possible retreat. “The defenders are holding their positions,” said Sehij Cherevaty, spokesman for the Eastern Group of the Ukrainian Army. “We have the ability to deliver ammunition, supplies and medicine and transport the wounded,” he said.

[Sorge vor russischem Vormarsch wächst – der Ukraine-Krieg in der Militäranalyse.]

Ukraine reports: heavy losses in Wagner troops

Russian troops have been trying to conquer the city of Bakhmut, which has been declared a fortress for weeks. Russia is using the notorious mercenary group Wagner, which has already suffered heavy losses according to Ukrainian reports. However, the information cannot be verified.

The general staff report in Kiev also spoke of “unsuccessful offensive actions” by Russian troops near Avdiivka and Shakhtarsk in the east of the country. There, too, many towns were indiscriminately bombarded by Russian artillery.

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