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Post: “The Revolution That Will Shake Israel”


Judicial reform in Israel drew criticism during Netanyahu’s visit to Berlin. Former ambassador Shimon Stein is “very concerned” about the ZDF and speaks of a “regime coup”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faced open criticism of the judicial reform planned by his government during his visit to Germany. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) expressed “grave concern” about the plans during a meeting with Netanyahu in Berlin on Thursday. Netanyahu, on the other hand, called the criticism “absurd” and “ridiculous”.

The right-wing religious government under Netanyahu, in office since December, is dividing society in Israel with its controversial legislative plans to restructure the judicial system. The plans aim to significantly reduce the powers of the judiciary. Critics have been protesting this for weeks. They fear that the separation of powers will disappear and democracy will be undermined.

Shimon Stein was Israel’s ambassador to Germany for seven years. In today’s newspaper, he talks about the criticisms of Chancellor Scholz, the question of whether Netanyahu will ever be accepted, and the warning of civil war in the country.

  • This is what Shimon Stein said…

    … The question of whether or not Netanyahu will ever be accepted:

    “We live from bilateral relations, from bilateral reciprocal visits. In this respect, every visit provides an opportunity to discuss an agenda, albeit uncomfortable and sometimes difficult. This seems very important to me as a diplomat. … However, I am glad that he visited Germany.”

    … The question of whether Chancellor Scholz spoke frankly enough to Netanyahu:

    “He spoke frankly and frankly about the Chancellor’s circumstances. He even took a stand that surprised me a little when he asked Netanyahu to adopt the President’s plan. By Scholz’s standards, I wouldn’t have done it, but actually he did. He also expressed concern.”

    In this regard, I think that mostly [Olaf Scholz] met my expectations

    Shimon Stein, former Israeli Ambassador to Germany

    … President Herzog’s warning of civil war:

    “If the President [Herzog] says (…), then the alarm bells must already be ringing. When the time comes, we will enter a very deep crisis that we are indeed in.”

    Stein said Netanyahu accused large numbers of demonstrators in Israel of “not understanding what it was about”. But then the real question is why Netanyahu was in such a rush to reform the judiciary: “If people didn’t really understand this (…), he would have taken the time to launch a campaign, hold roundtables,” which he claimed was an “out of control” separation of powers. Explain how it relates to restoration. “People would understand that, too,” Stein says.

    … Concerns about the rule of law in Israel:

    “Like all my friends, I am very worried. And you have rightly said: This is not a question of right and left. This is a deep issue. And I will not use Netanyahu’s ‘reform’ terminology.

    This is not a reform, but a regime coup or revolution that will shake Israel. And that’s why I’m so worried.

    Shimon Stein, former Israeli Ambassador to Germany

    “The struggle between the two sides has hardened in their positions and I don’t understand how they should compromise. Everyone is recommending that the Prime Minister at least stop the legislative process to allow time to talk with both sides to reach an agreement on some compromise.”

    Stein said Netanyahu “rejected the president’s plan”. “From that perspective, I don’t know how we’re going to get out of this impasse.”

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Source: ZDF

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