PoliticsTrump awaits arrest: What's behind him?

Trump awaits arrest: What’s behind him?


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Donald Trump awaits arrest on Tuesday. The former US President wrote this on the social media network Truth Social. What’s behind Trump’s statements?

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Former US President Donald Trump said he expected to be arrested on Tuesday and urged his supporters to protest. “Overwhelmingly, the leading Republican candidate and the former President of the United States will be arrested on Tuesday next week,” Trump tweeted Saturday on social media platform Truth Social.

Trump wrote that “illegal leaks” from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office showed his arrest, without providing any evidence. His lawyer, Susan Necheles, said Trump’s statements were based on media reports, not on prosecutors’ new moves. What is behind Trump’s statements, and is he actually threatened with arrest? Overview.

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    Donald Trump page on Truth Social

Will ex-US President Trump really be arrested?

Trump is under investigation in Manhattan for allegedly paying women who he allegedly had sex with to keep quiet before the 2016 US presidential election. In this context, porn actress Stormy Daniels testified before the investigating prosecutors on Wednesday – $130,000 was said to have flowed into Daniels.

Prosecutor Alvin Bragg began presenting proof of payment to the grand jury earlier this year. Lawyer Necheles said in early March that his office had asked Trump to testify before a grand jury. For lawyers, this is a sign that an indictment may be imminent. The grand jury must decide whether to prosecute or not.

If Trump was charged, he would only be arrested if he refused to surrender. His lawyers had already indicated that the former president would follow normal procedure. He would probably surrender to a New York police station or straight to Bragg’s office. Trump will become the first ex-president to be charged with an alleged crime.

What might Trump mean with this statement?

It seems that with his message, Trump wants to prevent the prosecutor from making an official statement and arouse anger among his supporters before a possible indictment. He also asked for donations in an email to his supporters.

His call to “take back our nation” was reminiscent of his rhetoric just before the storming of the Capitol in Washington on January 6, 2021.

  • John Bolton, who was Trump’s security adviser until the dispute, harshly criticized Donald Trump’s call for protest in a CNN interview. The storming of the Capitol shows where such calls can lead. Trump is aware of this in his current calls for protest:

    Now, if he calls people to the streets with the experience of January 6, it can become very dangerous.

    John Bolton, Donald Trump’s former national security adviser

    Are violent riots threatened by Trump supporters?

    It’s unclear whether Trump’s supporters will heed the call to protest. His posts on Truth Social get far less attention than his on Twitter, but he still has a very loyal following.

    After the January 6 riots, in which hundreds of Trump supporters were arrested and charged in federal court, he may have discouraged fans from violent action.

    Could Trump run for President of the United States despite impeachment or arrest?

    It is wondered how a possible indictment against Trump will affect his renewed presidential application. Trump has made it clear beforehand that he has no intention of withdrawing his application, even if he is accused.

    It may take months or, in extreme cases, years before a possible conviction is made. And even his guilty verdict cannot legally prevent Trump from running for the 2024 election. In the past, similarly spicy claims have not diminished Trump’s popularity with his supporters. However, he has not yet appeared in court.

    How do official institutions react to Trump’s statements?

    A spokesperson for the prosecution initially declined to comment.

    Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, defended Donald Trump. On Twitter, he spoke of “a horrific abuse of power by a radical prosecutor who unleashes violent criminals while taking political revenge on President Trump.”

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