PoliticsBas wants more women in the Bundestag

Bas wants more women in the Bundestag


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Bärbel Bas wants more women in the Bundestag and proposes another electoral law reform. Not only does the Union reject this, it also wants to file a lawsuit against the agreed reform.

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After the controversial electoral law reform was passed in the Bundestag, Bundestag Speaker Bärbel Bas (SPD) called for further changes. Bas told newspapers affiliated with the Funke media group that, among other things, gender equality should be achieved in the Bundestag.

Bas calls for more changes in electoral law

“My personal desire is to create another package regarding electoral rights this election period,” Baş said. said. The Speaker of the Parliament can include “the right to vote from the age of 16 and the extension of the legislative term from four to five years, except for equality in the Bundestag.”

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Bas mentioned that the current rate of women in the Bundestag is about 35 percent.

We must find a constitutional way to reach at least 50:50 when parties nominate candidates.

Bärbel Bas, President of the Bundestag

He hopes that “by the end of the legislative term we will also have a decision on this issue”.

  • The issues brought up by Bas are discussed in the Election Law Commission established by the Bundestag. Their final report is due at the end of June.

    Criticism of demanded gender equality

    Thorsten Frei (CDU), parliamentary director of the Union faction, describes Bas’s comments as “extremely disturbing”.

    When it came to electoral reform, Ms. Bas initially watched silently as the traffic light coalition accepted its controversial demands with full force, and is now turning the corner with proposals that have been rejected by the two state constitutional courts.

    Thorsten Frei, parliamentary director of the Union faction

    Union wants to file suit against electoral law reform

    Like the Left, the Union rejects electoral law reform passed on Friday and announced that it has filed a constitutional complaint. According to attendees, the CSU decided unanimously when the board of directors changed on Saturday.

    A graphic shows what the Bundestag would look like if the 2021 electoral law reform had been implemented.  The biggest loser would be the Die Linke party, which would have no more seats due to the removal of the mandate.

    CSU boss and Prime Minister Markus Söder has announced that the constitutional complaint, like a lawsuit filed by the Bavarian state government, must be filed before the summer vacation.

    What was decided in the electoral reform?

    The reform, adopted on Friday, sets the size of the Bundestag at 630 deputies. The winners of the constituency may not enter parliament, as the second vote is given more weight. Summary, wHere’s how the agreed electoral law reform will change everything:

    Criticism from experts

    Experts find some parts of the reform problematic. “A party that wins 45 constituencies should not enter the Bundestag,” said Professor Jürgen Falter, a political scientist from the “Bild” newspaper, of a scenario for the CSU. Constitutional lawyer Volker Boehme-Neßler said:

    The abolition of the basic authority clause is a big problem for democracy.

    Volker Boehme-Neßler, constitutional lawyer

    The chief defended the reform: “There had to be a system of limiting the number of deputies so that the Bundestag would not pass from legislative to legislative.” This also includes removing the basic authorization clause.

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Source: ZDF

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