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Post: Riexinger threatens to deport Wagenknecht


Sahara Wagenknecht is openly considering forming her own party. That doesn’t suit his partymates at all: Riexinger threatens to kick him out of school.

Former Linke leader Bernd Riexinger demanded that Sahra Wagenknecht be expelled from the party if he put forward the idea of ​​forming a new party. “As soon as concrete steps are taken to form a new party, there should be no room for them in the party and the parliamentary group,” Riexinger told the “Pioneer” portal on Monday.

Riexinger: Wagenknecht left the left long ago

Riexinger accused Wagenknecht of “keeping afloat in the media” for the founding of a new party because he could only convey such a project through the media.

Riexinger, who is still in the left faction in the Bundestag, said that Wagenknecht “broke out of our party a long time ago”. Wagenknecht no longer plays a role on the left. He thinks forming a party will fail just as Wagenknecht’s “Rise” project failed.

Wagenknecht definitely wants to stay politically active

Wagenknecht had announced that he wanted to decide by the end of the year whether to form a new party in the ZDF. The issue should also play a role in the deliberations of the left party committees on Monday.

Wagenknecht is confident that he wants to remain politically active, even if he does not form a new party. He could also dream of becoming a writer and publisher, as he explained in an interview with ZDF.

Not only is Riexinger criticizing Wagenknecht, other party colleagues such as party chairmen Janine Wissler and Martin Schirdewahn are also outraged, calling Wagenknecht’s behavior “irresponsible”.

Source: ZDF

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