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Post: London: Rescued Wagner prisoners a problem


The secret services consider the pardon of the Wagner gangs collected from prison as a risk to Russian society. You have returned from the war in Ukraine.

The British secret services see the pardon of Wagner mercenaries collected from prison as a risk to Russian society. The UK Ministry of Defense said in its daily briefing on Tuesday that thousands of Russian prisoners who fought for Wagner mercenaries in the Ukraine war are expected to be pardoned and released in the coming weeks.

Wagner group recruited from prisons

When drafted from prisons as part of an increase in Russian troops, Wagner veterans were given the expectation that their prison sentences would be lifted after six months of military service.

  • Who is behind the famous Wagner group?

According to the British, the six-month period is now dwindling for most of those affected, as the enlistment of Wagner prisoners peaked last fall – about half of them killed or wounded in combat, according to British information.

The Wagner Group is deployed worldwide and is fighting on behalf of the Russian government. He tortures and kills civilians. your boss Evgeny Prigozhin Their existence is officially denied:

London: The problem of integrating ex-offenders into society

The sudden reunion of often violent ex-offenders with their recent traumatic war experiences could pose a major challenge for Russia’s wartime society, according to sources in London.

In addition, personnel shortages in the Russian troops will increase, as Wagner is no longer allowed to enlist in prisons. According to the information received, this had previously happened with the consent of the Russian leadership.

  • This is how the Wagner group recruits in prisons

The Ministry of Defense publishes daily information on the course of the war

The British Ministry of Defense has published daily information on the course of the war since the beginning of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, citing intelligence information. By doing so, the British government wants to both counter the Russian portrayal and keep its allies in line. Moscow accuses London of running a disinformation campaign.

  • You can always find the latest news about the Russian attack on Ukraine on our live blog:

Latest news about Ukraine

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Secret Service in London

London: Rescued Wagner prisoners a problem

The secret services consider the pardon of the Wagner gangs collected from prison as a risk to Russian society. You have returned from the war in Ukraine.

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