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Post: Is Johnson’s political career nearing its end?


The British Parliament wants to re-examine the former prime minister on the “Partygate” incident on Wednesday. If he lies, Johnson could lose his MP.

The day before former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was questioned by the British House of Commons’ so-called Privileges Committee over the long-running Partygate scandal, the daily newspaper “The Times” published a cartoon depicting a bear in the jungle. toilet sits and reads newspaper. “Did Boris lie to Parliament?” on the front page of the Backwoods Times, probably popular with the bears.

This seems as obvious to the cartoonist as the fact that there is shit in the woods. The phrase is the English equivalent of the German question: “Is the Pope Catholic?” A well-known newspaper that made it clear what many in the country thought, namely that Boris Johnson was a liar – at other times it could have been the basis for a defamation lawsuit. But Johnson would hardly make such an effort.

Johnson admits he deceived parliament

On the one hand, for admitting that he had actually deceived parliament in a defense dossier released on Tuesday. With the statement made in the House of Commons, it was stated that no corona rule was violated during the curfews at the parties in the government seat at No. 10 Downing Street.

On the other hand, that he didn’t do it intentionally or carelessly. The last two points will be important when investigative committee members make decisions.

Former Prime Minister Johnson wants to resume a political career

Opponents of the former prime minister object that such legal nonsense is irrelevant given the fact that Johnson has been shown to have personally participated in many of the parties involved. And common sense should have made it clear to him that these violated the rules he had previously imposed on the people of the country.

Johnson was forced to resign as prime minister in July last year, amid much pressure from within the party throughout the scandal.

Despite his dishonorable departure, the former prime minister still haunts the political landscape. His following within the party remains strong and does not seem to have given up on the idea of ​​a comeback. Johnson has been nominated for the upcoming general election in his constituency, the London suburb of Uxbridge.

Trial before parliamentary committee could mean political end

A seven-member parliamentary committee can put an end to all these ambitions. If he decides against Johnson, he can propose several sanctions that will be voted on in parliament later.

However, Johnson’s conservative party has a majority there as well as on the committee. However, a suspension of at least 10 days for Congressman Johnson will result in a petition to have his seat in Parliament removed if 10 percent of registered voters sign it. If he lost the next by-election, his political career would be over forever. But it looked like this all too often before.

Yacin Hehrlein is a reporter at the ZDF studio in London.

Source: ZDF

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