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Post: Israel: Minister wants judicial reform to be stopped


Thousands of people in Israel protested the judicial reform again. Defense Secretary Gallant called for the controversial project to be halted for national security.

Israeli Defense Minister Joav Gallant called on his government on Saturday to halt controversial judicial reform. “We have to stop the process to start a dialogue,” Galant said in a surprisingly planned speech. He spoke of a time frame up to Israel’s Independence Day on April 26. Otherwise, national security will be seriously harmed.

In recent weeks, he has heard disturbing statements from military commanders. He spoke of “anger, pain, and frustration with an intensity I’ve never experienced before.”

Reservists not on duty to protest judicial reform

In his speech, the Minister of Defense referred to the large number of reservists who did not take office to protest judicial reform.

We must stop all forms of disobedience.

Joav Gallant, Israeli Defense Minister

Mass demonstrations would also have to be stopped in order to enable a dialogue between opponents and supporters of the reform. “The threats around us are great,” Gallant warned. He referred to the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians and Iran’s nuclear program.

Critics think separation of powers is at stake

The right-wing religious coalition around Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to implement key elements of reform in the next few days. He accuses the Supreme Court of excessive interference in political decisions. Therefore, in the future it will be possible for Parliament to overturn Supreme Court decisions by simple majority. In addition, the composition of the body for the appointment of judges will be changed. Critics consider the separation of powers to be at stake and are warning of a national crisis.

Mass protests have been going on for three months. According to media reports, about 200,000 demonstrators gathered in the coastal metropolis of Tel Aviv on Saturday evening.

Source: ZDF

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