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Post: Scotland: Huge mission for Humza Yousaf


Humza Yousaf is the new Prime Minister of Scotland. Will successor to outgoing Prime Minister Sturgeon spur Scotland’s quest for independence?

Humza Yousaf is the name of the new man at the head of Scotland. It is now the first time a Muslim has held the post, after more than eight years when Nicola Sturgeon was the “First Minister” in England’s far north. The 37-year-old actress stands on a podium in front of a blue and white flag and can’t help but smile broadly.

I feel like the luckiest man in the world.

Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s new Prime Minister

Yousaf says it would be the highest honor of his life to be able to run his country as First Minister.

Humza Yousaf wants to be “Everybody’s First Minister”.

After Sturgeon resigns for personal reasons, Scotland begins a new era with Yousaf. However, it is entirely clear whether this will lead to independence from the United Kingdom, which some of the population yearn for. Can Yousaf bring the momentum the movement so desperately needs? SNP politician confident of victory after being elected:

We will be the generation that brings independence to Scotland.

Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s new Prime Minister

At the same time, he wants to be “everyone’s first minister”, including those opposed to division, to which Yousaf personally addressed in his first speech: “To you: I want to earn your trust.”

Yousaf emphasizes the goal of independence

The desired goal initially seems far away, as London has blocked a new independence referendum and Britain’s highest court, the Supreme Court, has recently slowed efforts.

At the same time, many feel that Brexit and its consequences make the issue even more urgent. “People in Scotland need independence more than ever,” says Yousaf.

First Scottish leader from an ethnic minority

Yousaf’s election as Scotland’s first ethnic minority leader is also symbolic. The Scots describe themselves as a society that values ​​and needs immigration both economically and culturally, so many citizens reject the anti-immigration course spread by London. Constitution Minister Angus Robertson told the German Press Agency:

This is another historic breakthrough that has gone through the glass ceiling after Nicola Sturgeon became Scotland’s first female Prime Minister for eight years.

Angus Robertson, Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs

Many duties for the new head of government

For Yousaf, there are many construction sites besides the independence project. State-funded healthcare The NHS is in a sick state, for which, as the previous health minister, it is held partially accountable. As everywhere else, while the consequences of the Ukraine war are driving prices up, there are also strikes in many industries for higher wages.

Additionally, Scotland has traditionally struggled with extraordinarily high levels of alcohol and drug-related deaths. After a grueling election campaign, the task is to unite the party. In recent weeks, the SNP, often described as a relatively quiet, successful campaign machine, has shown a less grandiose side.

Nicola Sturgeon’s husband, Peter Murrell, who was in charge of the party’s finances, was forced to retire after inconsistencies and criticism. It also turned out that the party has a little over 72,000 members – much less than previously thought.

Source: ZDF

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