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Post: Russia failed in Nord Stream solution


Russia failed with a decision on the Nord Stream investigation. The US has criticized that Moscow only wants to reject the aggressive war in Ukraine.

Russia failed in its decision at the United Nations Security Council to investigate the explosions at the Nord Stream 1 and Baltic Sea 2 pipelines.

Only China and Brazil voted in favor of Moscow in the vote by the most powerful UN body, while 12 other countries abstained. Admission requires at least nine “yes” votes – without the veto of one of the five permanent members.

US: Russia wants to discredit Nord Stream investigations

The resolution would have called on UN Secretary-General António Guterres to launch an independent international investigation into the alleged sabotage act. Vasily Nebensia, Russia’s ambassador to the UN, said there were “large and well-founded doubts” about the impartiality of the national investigation.

However, other members of the UN Security Council denied this account. US Deputy Ambassador to the UN Robert Wood said Russia’s sole aim was to discredit the ongoing investigation into the explosions. Other diplomats accused Russia of wanting to divert attention from its war of aggression against Ukraine.

  • Sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines

    At the end of September 2022, a total of four leaks were discovered in two gas pipelines as a result of explosions near the Danish Baltic Sea island of Bornholm. Authorities take charge of sabotage. It is unclear who is responsible for this. Germany, Sweden and Denmark launched investigations.

    German politicians recently warned against hasty conclusions and warned to wait for the investigations to finish. Moscow, on the other hand, blamed the “Anglo-Saxons”, that is, the British and the Americans, shortly after the attack.

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Archive: Gas leak in Nord Stream pipeline

UN Security Council

Russia failed in Nord Stream solution

Russia failed with a decision on the Nord Stream investigation. The US has criticized that Moscow only wants to reject the aggressive war in Ukraine.

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