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Post: Celtic Myth: Warriors and Artists


As successful traders, the Celts enjoyed a golden age. But the climate is getting worse. The harvests are no longer enough to feed many tribes. The new generation is forced to invade their Roman and Greek neighbors.

From farmer to warrior

Historians shed light on the so-called La Tène period, from 450 BC to the end of the 1st century BC: the Celts left their homeland in present-day Austria and settled in what is now Italy and Greece. They also raid and plunder Greek and Roman villages and towns where their ancestors once traded peacefully.

But the local population is not only a sacrifice for the Celts, but also a source of knowledge and inspiration. This is evidenced by their handicrafts and buildings from this period. The Celts copy but they also develop their own new style.

The La Tène period marks an exciting time of change for the Celtic peoples. They become warriors and artists. The latest archaeological finds show that Celtic women also played a role on the battlefields.

The Celts are among the oldest inhabitants of Europe and have remained a mystery to this day. The three-part documentary series follows the traces of these tribes that shaped our continent.

Source: ZDF

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