London: Russia’s winter offensive failed

Russia’s stated goal was, and still is, control of eastern Ukraine. According to the British account, at least the Russian winter offensive failed.

Removal of a wounded Russian soldier

According to British sources, Russian efforts to establish stronger military control over the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine failed. The British Ministry of Defense’s mandate has been marked by a general winter offensive attempt since Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov took command of a “special military operation” against Ukraine in mid-January. Saturday.

London: Big losses, minimal gains

The aim of this attack was to spread Russian control over the entire Donbass region. “After 80 days, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this project has failed,” said the British. Russian forces on the front lines in the area could make minimal gains with heavy losses.

In doing so, they would have gambled much of the temporary personal advantage they had gained through Russia’s “partial mobilization” last fall.

Intelligence publishes updates on the course of the war

Since the beginning of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the British Ministry of Defense has issued daily updates on the course of the war. Citing intelligence information, the British government wants to both oppose Russian rhetoric and keep its allies in line.

Moscow accuses London of conducting a targeted disinformation campaign.

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