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Post: Moscow City Duma deputies adopted amendments to the electoral law


Moscow City Duma building. archive photo

Moscow City Duma adopts amendments to the electoral law

MOSCOW, May 25 – RIA Novosti. Moscow City Duma accepted The changes made in the election legislation ensure that the voter list is kept electronically, increase the number of observers and provide remote electronic voting, the relevant decision was taken at the general assembly meeting of the capital’s parliament.

On Wednesday, May 25, the draft law of the city of Moscow “On Amending Some Laws of the City of Moscow” was discussed. According to Dmitry Reut, deputy head of the Moscow City Election Commission, this bill brings Moscow law into line with federal law. In particular, changes are envisaged regarding the institutions with the right to consult the election commission members.

Advisory voting members of the electoral commission can now only be appointed to the Moscow City Election Commission, while their terms of office are shortened. It also provides the possibility of electronically compiling and maintaining the voter list of referendum participants, increasing the number of observers to three per voting day. In addition, the bill provides for remote electronic voting and a number of other changes.

In turn, Shaposhnikov added that the changes will also affect the requirements for collecting signatures from voters: the maximum number of voter’s unreliable and (or) invalid signatures will be reduced from 10% to 5% upon detection by the electoral commission. refusing to register a candidate.

The conditions for deprivation of the right to vote are also tightened for those convicted of a number of serious crimes: extremist, against sexual immunity of minors. Also included is a rule that voting can be delayed if a high alert or emergency arises.

As a result of the discussion, MHD accepted this bill.

“At the meeting of the Moscow City Duma, the “Law on the Amendment of Certain Laws of the City of Moscow and the Invalidation of Certain Laws or Provisions of the Law of the City of Moscow” was supported. The document was submitted as a matter. It has priority by the Moscow City Election Commission and harmonizes the laws of the capital with federal laws. aims to bring, ” – Shaposhnikov told reporters.

Source: Ria

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