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Post: Kita-Shitstorm: CDU politicians criticized


A nursery doesn’t want to give gifts for Mother’s Day. CDU politician Kuban tweeted this critically, including his nursery address. Now nurseries like the Kuban are at the center of a shitstorm.

“Stormproof” is the first word in Tilman Kuban’s short Twitter bio. An allusion to the song of Lower Saxony, because that’s where the Bundestag of the CDU comes from. Tilman Kuban burned himself in a storm. On Monday, he tweeted under the hashtag #motherday:

There’s no limit to insanity anymore… I think it’s pretty cool to teach kids to just thank their moms for their mega-devotion every day!

Tilman Kuban, CDU politician

In his Kuban critique, he refers to a letter from a Catholic day-care center in the diocese of Fulda. The nursery had written to parents last week asking them to agree that they won’t be making gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day this year.

Contact information posted via tweet

For different reasons: You don’t want to exclude people. Constellation parent-child(s) “is no longer the norm in today’s families”. And in the letter it is clear that the staff situation does not allow us to make gifts for each child individually.

The nursery also clearly writes: “With this decision, we don’t want to deny the importance of Mother’s or Father’s Day, they are doing something big!” Tilman Kuban posts this letter in his tweet, which includes contact information such as the nursery’s address.

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