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Post: Baerbock’s conditions for asylum procedures


Federal Foreign Minister Baerbock sees asylum procedures at the EU’s external borders as an opportunity for a European migration policy. But it talks about prerequisites, for example, for families.

In the dispute over a common asylum policy in the European Union, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) was open to preliminary checks at the EU’s external borders, but called for compliance with European human rights standards. He states the circumstances in an interview.

“Border procedures are highly problematic as they interfere with civil liberties,” the green politician told newspapers belonging to the Funke media group. However, the proposal of the EU Commission is the only realistic chance of achieving an orderly and humane distribution process in the EU of 27 member states in the foreseeable future.

Baerbock: No one in border operations for over a week

Baerbock said border procedures were “a curse and an opportunity at the same time”. During one introduction, she called to ensure that “no one gets stuck in the border procedure for more than a few weeks, that families with children don’t get stuck in the border procedure, that the right to asylum is not fundamentally undermined”. .

Critical questions from parties, non-governmental organizations or churches are important, the minister emphasized on border procedures, which is also controversial in his party.

But failure to act will have dire consequences.

Annalena Baerbock, Federal Foreign Minister

For ten years the EU has been devoid of concepts in immigration policy

Baerbock said the trend is already “moving towards more isolation everywhere” as there is no common European response. “And if there is no order at external borders, it’s only a matter of time before EU countries one after another start talking about internal border controls again.” Being a “European at heart”, he does not want any more obstacles on the Rhine and the Oder.

Baerbock: Fair distribution in Europe

The Foreign Minister also called for the solidarity dispersal of refugees in Europe. The EU Commission’s new proposal is complex, but it also brought many people to the table who had blocked it before. Thereafter, the Commission determines how many people must be resettled annually, and all member states make a firm commitment to how many they are willing to accept.

“Anyone who accepts fewer refugees has to do something else, for example, to pay compensation to states that have been particularly hard hit,” Baerbock said.

It is Europe’s open wound that we do not have a working common asylum policy in the EU for years.

Annalena Baerbock, Federal Foreign Minister

On Friday, Italy detained two German rescue vessels:

Source: ZDF

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