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Post: “Totally unscrupulous handling” of people


The collapse of the dam hit southern Ukraine hard. Security expert Nico Lange explains the consequences of the war and the region in the ZDF Today Journal.

What does the dam disaster in southern Ukraine mean for the military situation? According to many observers, Moscow may be responsible for the collapse of the Kakhovka dam. According to security expert Nico Lange, Russia may want to buy time with this.

Lange says in the ZDF Today Journal that people in the affected area are also shocked by the destruction of nature and crops – their livelihoods. “This completely unscrupulous attitude towards his own people is something we unfortunately experience all too often in this war of Russia.”

Watch the full interview in the video above or read excerpts here.

This is what Nico Long said…

… on the effects on the Ukrainian counteroffensive:

“For the Russians, the point seems to be to buy time, possibly to dampen the momentum of the Ukrainian offensive that has begun,” said security expert Lange. “It’s also about preventing the Dnieper River from crossing near Cherson.” And Russia can now withdraw its forces from this region and thus strengthen the front – for example, in Zaporozhye in the south or in the Donbass in the east.

“You can also see the difference here: Ukraine wants to liberate and rebuild its land, and Russia is quite ready to cynically destroy the foreign country Ukraine.”

For months, Russian propaganda has been of the opinion that “If you can’t have Ukraine, then you must destroy it”. According to Nico Lange, the irrigation system of southern Ukraine is connected to the dam. There is great horror, “man is shocked by the destruction of nature, but also by the destruction of the foundation of life”.

… About the possible restriction of water supply in Crimea:

“True. But until the Russian invasion in 2022, Russia did not have access to this dam and this canal from this dam to the Crimea, and acute problems are not likely to arise immediately.”

It seems that the lives of people in the Occupied Territories and Crimea are less important to Russia than any tactical military gains that can be achieved.

Nico Lange, security expert

… how to deal with people in the area:

“This completely unscrupulous behavior even towards his own people is something we unfortunately experience all too often in this war of Russia. Those who are particularly affected right now are the Ukrainians on the left bank of the Dnieper, which is partially below. the sea level is where the water flows.”

Lange says that while aid is being given on the Ukrainian side, people on the left got the impression that people are not being helped: “The Russian armed forces are withdrawing, nobody cares, and there were even reports of the Russian armed forces withdrawing, preventing people from leaving this area.”

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Source: ZDF

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