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Post: CDU ministers call for more border control


CDU ministers are calling for temporary controls at Germany’s borders. The EU asylum settlement will not alleviate migration pressure. Czaja describes the reform as the first step.

Following the EU deal on tightened asylum rules, the interior ministers of the CDU are sticking to their requests for temporary fixed controls at Germany’s borders. Peter Beuth, Hessen’s head of department, told “Bild” that the federal government “has failed to alleviate the pressure on illegal immigration at EU level through effective European agreements”.

He explained that “consistently high levels of illegal immigration into Germany” required temporary, fixed and mobile border controls. After consultation with the affected neighboring countries, this is especially true for the affected German internal borders.

Saxony seeks control of Polish border

The Saxon Interior Minister Armin Schuster (CDU) also told the newspaper “Bild”: “Due to the current high level of immigration pressure, there is still a need for temporary, situational EU internal border controls, including at the Polish border, with short-term impact and the EU asylum settlement enactment. If it enters, it can be stopped again in a short time.”

In May, the Union faction requested Federal Secretary of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) to order checks on several additional border sections due to the increasing number of intrusions.

Czaja describes the deal as an important first step

CDU Secretary General Mario Czaja welcomed the EU’s agreement on stricter asylum rules, but also called for further action from the federal government.

Czaja told the Mediengruppe Bayern newspapers that the compromise “is an important first step in limiting illegal immigration to the European Union”. This is precisely because “we want to fulfill our human responsibility”.

However, compromise alone is not enough. It is now the responsibility of the federal government to take further steps to limit illegal immigration. For example, in expanding safe countries of origin.

CDU Secretary General Mario Czaja

So-called safe countries of origin are those where it is generally assumed that neither political persecution nor inhuman punishment or treatment is free. This should enable faster asylum decisions and deportation.

Other parties also have different opinions:

Czaja appoints Scholz

Regarding admission and current Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s (SPD) cap, Czaja said: “As Deputy Chancellor in the joint federal government, Olaf Scholz supported a 200,000-person directive with us. We need to orient ourselves to that again.”

According to him, war refugees from Ukraine should also be taken into account.

EU asylum reform plans

Comprehensive reform plans in the EU asylum system were launched Thursday evening by majority decision. Years of negotiations followed. Reform plans envisage multiple additions and tightenings to limit illegal immigration.

It is planned to be treated much more harshly, especially for people coming from countries that are considered relatively safe. In the future, after crossing the border, they will be taken to tightly controlled reception facilities under conditions similar to detention. There, it is normally checked within twelve weeks whether the applicant has a chance for asylum. If not, it should be sent back immediately.

Source: ZDF

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