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Post: Treasures of the Roman Empire: Nero’s Palace


Restorers are trying to save evidence from a turbulent period in Roman history. Emperor Nero’s ancestors had already left behind magnificent buildings. The same is true of the ancient seaside resort of Baiae on the Bay of Naples. The ruins are currently under water.

palaces of emperors

The ruins of the “Villa Adriana” built by Emperor Hadrian near Rome also show that Nero was not the only emperor who lived in ostentatious splendor. So why was the palace being rebuilt in particular? Built in the 1st century AD, the massive imperial palace is said to have once had more than 300 rooms richly decorated with gold and ivory. Research projects across Italy are providing new clues to ancient mysteries of history.

In their search for evidence of the great wars and legacy of the ancient Romans, researchers encounter findings that offer insights into the lives of elites, middle and lower classes, and slaves. With “Treasures of the Roman Empire”, archaeological sites turn into real treasures that need to be unearthed.

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