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Post: Eritrean clubs want a new meeting


There were major riots at the event organized by Eritrean clubs over the weekend. The association still wants to meet again and hopes for state protection.

Despite last weekend’s major riots, another Eritrean event is planned to be held in Stuttgart next Saturday (September 23).

“This also relates to the question of whether an act of violence can have a say,” Johannes Russom of the Eritrean Club Association in Stuttgart told the German Press Agency on Monday. It is the duty of the state to protect the incident. “As a democratic country, he needs to deal with this,” Russom said.

Injuries and arrests in Stuttgart last weekend

31 emergency service workers were injured in violent riots in Stuttgart on Saturday in connection with an event organized by several Eritrean clubs. Most of them were not seriously injured, Baden-Württemberg Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) said after visiting the Stuttgart police station.

There are 228 suspects in total. Strobl spoke of the “sudden and unexpected violence of an angry mob.” Suspects believed to be members of the Eritrean opposition attacked police officers on Saturday. They wanted to disrupt an event known as the Eritrean Seminar, organized by a pro-government Eritrean association.

Strobl: “Police prevented bloodshed”

An investigative group is now required to investigate the riots and use video recordings, which are also “a series”. Strobl said he was confident the constitutional state “will have a clear and firm response.”

The Minister emphasized: “Violence is not a tool of political debate.” Anyone who attacks the police in a frenzy of violence makes it clear that “they do not want to live in this society”, they do not want to belong to it.

Strobl was convinced: “The police prevented a bloodbath. I was told there would probably be deaths.” Investigations should be conducted in close coordination with immigration authorities.

According to information obtained by the police over the weekend, most of the suspects live in the Stuttgart area. 63 of these came from Switzerland. Almost all of them have Eritrean citizenship.

Events are politically charged

The Eritrean associations that organized the event and want to meet again next Saturday are close to the Eritrean government. Eritrea is ruled by a de facto dictatorial regime.

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Source: ZDF

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