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Post: USA: Suspicious fighter plane wreckage found


A pilot used his ejection seat due to malfunction and the fighter jet then disappeared: Now the US military has found the suspected wreckage of the missing F-35.

It was claimed that the US army found the wreckage of the missing F-35 fighter jet during its search. Joint Base Charleston announced Monday evening (local time) that it is located in Williamsburg County, South Carolina, USA.

The fighter jet disappeared on Sunday after the pilot escaped using the ejection seat due to a “glitch”. He was treated at the hospital. The army then asked for the public’s help in finding the F-35. This became a laughing stock.

The cost of the fighter jet is between 80 and 100 million US dollars

According to various reports, the fighter jet currently costs between 80 and 100 million US dollars (about 75 to 96 million euros). The F-35 stealth jet, produced by the US defense company Lockheed Martin, is considered one of the most modern warplanes in the world.

Meanwhile, the missing jet was the F-35B, a vertical takeoff aircraft that covers shorter distances.

Ridicule from Republicans

US broadcaster CNN made the headline in the afternoon: “The US military is missing an F-35. If you find it, it could be their jet.” “We knew the F-35 was stealth, but this is ridiculous,” Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace of South Carolina wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Source: ZDF

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