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Post: Scholz probably doesn’t want to deliver Taurus rockets


This issue had been discussed for weeks; According to media reports, Chancellor Scholz decided not to supply Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) apparently does not want to deliver Taurus missiles to Ukraine at this time. “Bild” reported this in advance, citing German and Ukrainian government circles, and the ARD capital studio learned about this from circles in the SPD parliamentary group.

At the same time, according to information from the newspaper, negotiations are continuing between Berlin and Kiev on strengthening air defense and the possible delivery of Patriot anti-missiles from Germany. Many ministers had previously raised hopes in Ukraine with their statements that the Toros issue would be resolved quickly.

Scholz is confident in US support for Ukraine

But despite the turmoil in the US House of Representatives, Scholz believes that the US will continue to supply weapons to Ukraine. “I’m very confident,” the chancellor said. There is a clear majority among both Democrats and Republicans who need more help.

The chancellor emphasized that President Joe Biden had made clear in a call with allies the day before that “we can certainly continue to rely on the United States in the future.”

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Source: ZDF

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