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Post: With his hopes, Peskov said that a return to the “Geneva spirit” is unlikely.


Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden met at Villa La Grange in Geneva.

Press Secretary Peskov: It is unlikely to return to the “Geneva spirit” with hopes

MOSCOW, June 15 – RIA Novosti. Spokesperson for the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov told reporters that hopes cannot be returned to the spirit of the meeting in Geneva between the presidents of the Russian Federation and the USA, and that these may already be new hopes.

Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden met in Geneva on June 16 last year.

“Is it possible to return to the Geneva spirit? While there is some hope, the Geneva spirit – not so much. It is not possible for us to have the same hopes by seeing what is happening now. There may be new hopes, and this will be a completely different regime communication,” said Peskov. In 2021, a return to the “Geneva spirit” is possible. He answered the question of whether it is possible and under what conditions this can happen.

Source: Ria

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