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Post: The number of candidates for the governorship of the Yaroslavl region rose to seven


Yaroslavl Strelka. archive photo

Seven candidates submitted documents to participate in the elections for the governor of the Yaroslavl region

YAROSLAVL, 29 June – RIA Novosti. Acceptance of documents for participation in the election of the governor of the Yaroslavl region was completed on Wednesday, the documents were submitted to the regional election commission reports by seven candidates.

Previously, the documents were presented to the regional election committee by the deputy governor of the Yaroslavl region, his own candidate Mikhail Evraev, the Communists of Russia party Igor Miloradov and the representatives of the Russian Party of Pensioners’ Social Justice Konstantin Tukeev, the LDPR candidate Vladimir Smirnov. , representative of the Yabloko party Sergei Balabaev. The press service of the United Russia party stated that it will support Evraev.

According to the regional selection committee, their intention to participate in the election for governor was notified to the commission by the candidate of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Paramonov, as well as another candidate of his own, Alexei Antipov. regional selection committee, Antipov, native of Yaroslavl, repairs cars.

In the statement made by the regional election board, “The nomination period, which starts on June 9, ends at 18.00 on June 29, 2022. The period for submitting documents for registration is between July 17 and July 27, 2022.”

On October 12 last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted Dmitry Mironov’s resignation from the post of governor of the Yaroslavl region and appointed Mikhail Evraev, the former deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, to head the region. According to the CEC, the governorship elections in the Yaroslavl region and some other regions will run for three days from 9-11 September. Remote electronic voting will be implemented in the region.

Source: Ria

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