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Post: The death toll in trucks rose to 53


The number of immigrants found dead in a truck in Texas rose to 53. Governor Abbott blames President Biden for the tragedy.

The death toll rose to 53 with the finding of a truck stuck in the parked immigrants in the US state of Texas. This was announced Wednesday by Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

The deadliest case of migrant smuggling on American soil.

Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Abbott made serious allegations against Democratic President Joe Biden: His “loose immigration policy” was responsible for the disaster.

Driver posed as a survivor

The Mexican immigration agency also announced the results of the new investigation: Accordingly, the alleged driver of the truck initially pretended to be alive. However, his identity was determined and he was arrested like the other two suspects.

According to police, a worker discovered the bodies Monday evening (local time) after hearing a call for help from a truck on the outskirts of the Texas city of San Antonio.

The trailer stood in the scorching heat

At least 16 survivors were dehydrated and initially hospitalized with heat exhaustion. According to the information given by the fire department, there was neither a working air conditioning system nor water in the trailer, which was operating in the scorching heat. The victims were allegedly smuggled into the United States, with San Antonio just 250 kilometers from the Mexican border.

Abbott asked Biden to make it clear that no one can enter the country illegally, so that immigrants do not even set out. There are legal ways to migrate. In addition, the US border guard must be properly equipped to do its job.

Abbott: Biden must act

According to Mexican authorities, the truck passed two checkpoints on Monday managed by the US border protection agency CBP. Abbott said the truck was not inspected because there were not enough resources to inspect all the trucks. Biden has to change that.

Immigration expert Aaron Reichlin-Melnick told US broadcaster PBS: “The reality is that the vast majority of people who come to our border looking for a better life have no legal opportunity to enter the country.”

Has Trump exacerbated the problem?

For example, legal immigration channels were also restricted during the era of former Republican President Donald Trump. Therefore, people would be led to more dangerous paths than ever before.

In Mexico City, the deaths in San Antonio include at least 27 Mexicans, 14 from Honduras, seven from Guatemala and two from El Salvador, said Francisco Garduño, head of the Mexican immigration agency. It was initially unclear whether children were among the dead.

Source: ZDF

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