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Post: Israel: Bennett quits politics


Israeli Prime Minister Bennett wants to quit politics. In addition, he no longer wants to be a candidate in the new elections expected to be held in the autumn. He does not give reasons.

Naftali Bennett, Israel’s current prime minister, has announced that he will leave politics just one year after his eight-party government collapsed. In the parliamentary elections, which are expected to be held in the autumn, the 50-year-old youth announced in a television speech that he does not want to be re-elected. He gave no reason.

His government announced last week that it would dissolve the Knesset to allow new elections. Disagreements with the opposition have so far delayed voting on such a move.

Bennett: “Israel is the love of my life”

In a short prime-time speech, Bennett said on Israeli television:

As prime minister, I tried to protect all citizens, no matter who they voted for.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

“We proved this year that people with different views can work together,” Bennett continued. “The State of Israel is the love of my life,” Bennett said, urging the political camps to work together and respect each other. “Only together we can win.”

Knesset before dissolution

Coming from the national-religious camp, Bennett served as prime minister for only one year. Because of the differences, the alliance of ideologically very different parties lost their narrow majority in the parliament.

It was expected for days that the Knesset would decide to dissolve and pave the way for new elections. According to Israeli media, that should now happen on Thursday. The government and the opposition have yet to agree on a date for the new election. In addition, both sides are still arguing about what laws should be passed.

New elections expected in October

The head of government wants to resign following the dissolution of parliament and hand over the post of prime minister to Foreign Minister Jair Lapid. He will take over the position of Deputy Prime Minister until the new elections, which are expected to be held in October. It will be the fifth election in three and a half years.

Interior Minister Ajelet Schaked will head Bennett’s far-right Jamina party. Israeli media already thinks the party can form an alliance with opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Under Bennett, like other parties, he refused to form a coalition with the former prime minister and the right-wing conservative Likud party.

Benjamin Netanyahu hopes to return

Longtime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could celebrate his political comeback in the election. The failed coalition met more than a year ago with the clear goal of preventing Netanyahu from being reinstated. Netanyahu, 72, accused of corruption, hopes to return to power.

Source: ZDF

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