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Post: Pincher bite. Boris Johnson left without his “right hand”


The official reason is the behavior of the main fighter against corruption, Christopher Pincher. A lover who drinks hard and annoys men. They say he rowed even to the Olympic champion in rowing. It was just no oars.

This is called “falling down”. First, he is the “right hand” of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, along with Sajid Javid, Minister of Finance and indeed Minister of Health. Then six more high-ranking officials and party apparatus. And all – not just Boris Johnson’s inner circle, but people whose support and reputation perpetuate the illusion that he is not hopeless. Gone. Referring to the loss of trust in him. And each in its own section. Javid, for example, described the resignation as “with unprecedented levels of problems in medicine and social security.”

Although the official reason is the debauchery of Christopher Pincher, coordinator of the Conservative faction in Parliament. A scandalous character is a lover who drinks hard and offends men. They say she even rowed to the Olympic champion in rowing. It was just no oars. And knowing such inclinations of his protégé, Johnson nonetheless appointed him to a pivotal position in February (that is, in the middle of the party door). Maybe because they burned together at covid parties.

Even so, there’s a feeling this whole story is surfacing right now for some reason. A few weeks ago, the Conservatives suffered two delicate defeats in a by-election for the House of Commons. In addition, the need for them arose because of the immorality of conservative deputies. One was convicted of raping a teenager, the second fell into porn during the meeting. In general, the director of the market from the movie “Garage” would say: “Well, morality in this scientific cooperative.”

But it’s not even about them. And, according to the Guardian, after the electoral fiasco there was a desire for Johnson to stage an easy coup d’etat. It was not possible to dismiss him with a vote of no confidence. The regulation does not allow this procedure to be repeated before next summer. And they decided from the Cabinet that a mass exodus was an option. Also, Javid and Sunak are on the short list of prime ministerial candidates. Or it would be more correct to say now – the inputs. After all, as it turned out, they knew about Pincher’s vices and kept quiet, thus putting them in danger.

Johnson has already found a replacement for them. He moved the heads of other ministries. As he requested, he brought thousands of apologies for his jamb with Pincher. But this time it seems that he will not be able to get rid of them. High-profile lechery doesn’t bother Britons any more than record prices for everything and disruptions to everything, but a 5 July poll showed 69 percent demanded the prime minister’s immediate resignation. Although it was a month ago, it was a little over half. The party activist then summoned him to the Politburo.

However, it is unlikely to pass. Thickskinned. The maximum amount is to send another batch of heavy weapons to Ukraine. And it will go on its own. When he comes to power, he apparently plans to stay in power until the last minister. While they still have backups. By the way, the same Guardian openly states that something very bad was filmed from the house at 10 Downing Street. And he’s not a punk anymore. This is a “political corpse”.

About events in the world frankly, sharply, on the verge – the author’s Mikhail Sheinkman’s telegram channel.

Source: Ria

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