Post: Traffic light continues “population re-education”

Bavarian Prime Minister Söder is dissatisfied with the work of the traffic light coalition. He always accuses her of targeting the majority of ordinary people.

CSU boss Markus Söder has taken the traffic light federal government to court. “The only thing the traffic light coalition has in common is the desire to re-educate the German population,” Söder of the “Bild am Sonntag” newspaper said.

He accused the FDP of supporting “left politics”. “Basically, there is no longer a difference between the Greens and the FDP,” said Bavarian Prime Minister Söder.

The social milestone of the traffic light is for the majority of ordinary people. It’s always about coercion rather than freedom.

CSU President Markus Söder

The CSU chief criticized, among other things: “It is wrong to prescribe sex compulsively. It is wrong to make state guidelines for nutrition. It is wrong to release drugs like marijuana – the left is even demanding it for hard drugs like crystal meth.”

Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann defended his party on Twitter against Söder’s allegations. “I think hard arguments filled with facts and arguments are fine, but false true claims do not belong in the democrats’ repertoire,” the FDP politician wrote there. “Where did @fdp accept the new regulations on ‘gender’ or ‘nutrition’? As they say in Bavaria, this is ‘Schmarrn’!”

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