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Post: Media: Switzerland refuses to accept wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for treatment


Tages-Anzeiger: Switzerland refused to treat the wounded from Ukraine due to its policy of neutrality

MOSCOW, 18 July/ Radio Sputnik. Swiss authorities rejected NATO’s request to accept wounded soldiers from the Ukrainian Armed Forces and civilians from Ukraine for treatment, as it contradicted the confederation’s status as a neutral state. informs Tages-Anzeiger newspaper.

The publication states that hospitals in Ukraine are overloaded, so local authorities are trying to evacuate the wounded abroad.

As journalists know, a NATO request from Ukraine for the treatment of the wounded arrived in Switzerland in May. The cantons expressed their readiness to assist the victims, but the country’s Foreign Ministry refused at the end of June.

The newspaper writes that the main argument is a possible violation of Switzerland’s neutral status.

Therefore, according to one of the Geneva and The Hague conventions, neutral states are obliged to ensure that, after the liberation, soldiers do not participate in hostilities, and Kyiv cannot guarantee this.

In addition, Switzerland refused treatment to injured civilians, saying “it is almost impossible to distinguish civilians from soldiers”.

Speaking to the newspaper, Deputy Foreign Minister Johannes Matiassy said, “A lot of civilians are also arming in Ukraine at the moment.”

Despite this, Swiss authorities will continue to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine and assist civilian hospitals in the country.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that Scotland has suspended accepting accommodation applications from refugees from Ukraine.

Terse. Selected excerpts only telegram channel.

Source: Ria

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