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Post: “The West will not help.” Moldova prepares to invade


MOSCOW, August 1 – RIA Novosti, Mikhail Katkov. Moldovan President Maia Sandu launched political repression. Opposition leaders are sent under arrest, the rest intimidated by searches and accusations of complicity with enemies of the republic. What is the reason for the witch hunt – in the material of RIA Novosti.

foreign agents

At the end of July, Moldovan security forces searched more than a hundred members of the Shor party: they confiscated tablets, hard drives and documents. The prosecution believes they received money from a foreign organized crime group. Funds came from Dubai, Vienna and Monaco and spent them on party functionaries’ salaries and mass actions.

Shor Party supporters and members protest the building of the Moldovan Prosecutor General's Office on Friday in support of Marina Tauber - RIA Novosti, 1920, 07/29/2022
Supporters and members of the “Shor” party opened the premises of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Moldova on Friday to support Marina Tauber

According to the prosecution, in the first half of the year the criminals transferred at least 600 thousand euros to the parties. It must be said that Shor was deprived of state funds this year.

The leader of the parliamentary group, Marina Tauber, was arrested and faces up to six years in prison. He is confident that President Sandu and his Movement and Solidarity Party (PAS) are trying to break up the opposition. As a sign of protest, hundreds of Shorov residents tried to block the Attorney General’s building and even set up a tent camp in front of it. But the police dispersed everyone.

Tauber is a suitable target for law enforcement. According to the international audit firm Kroll, in 2012 he headed one of three banks with which a billion dollars were illegally withdrawn from Moldova. Local media call it “the heist of the century”. Ilan Shor was found guilty and formed his own party.

In 2020, Tauber was cleared of all charges related to involvement in fraud. Shor was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison, but appealed and fled abroad during the retrial. The politician, who is on the international wanted list, was the mayor of the city of Orhei for two years, after which he, along with six other party comrades, was elected to the parliament of the republic. In total, 43 “Shor” members head the Moldovan settlements.

call to rebellion

Two months before the attack on Tauber, former president and leader of the largest opposition Socialist Party (PSRM), Igor Dodon, was placed under house arrest. He is suspected of treason because of the alleged bribe he received from oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, who has actually ruled the republic since the early 2000s. In 2019, Dodon described the businessman as an occupier for the corrupt system he founded and organized his overthrow with Sandu.

Investigators are confident that the money allegedly transferred by Plahotniuc to flee the country went to finance the PSRM, among other things. So, the same version as Shor: runaway corrupt officials trying to prevent the Sandu government from reforming the country and leading the republic to a bright European future. Observers do not exclude that both factions will be banned under this pretext.

Former president of Moldova Igor Dodon in the building of the district court of Chisinau - RIA Novosti, 1920, 29/07/2022
Moldovan ex-president Igor Dodon at the Chisinau district court building

Dodon will not tolerate it like Tauber. He repeatedly accused the government of incompetence and called for early parliamentary and presidential elections. He cited inflation exceeding almost 30 percent and a sharp decline in agriculture and industry (30 percent and 20 percent, respectively).

At least 51 votes are needed to dissolve parliament, but there are only 38 opposition MPs. Still, Dodon is confident that a series of resignations from European heads of state will eventually reach Chisinau – at the moment, all opposition, both parliament and the street, must unite against Sandu. .

against people

The ex-president’s hopes are not misplaced. According to a survey by IMAS in July, two-thirds of Moldovans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. For the year, only 12 percent of life changed for the better, and 64 noted deterioration. 22 percent expect the positive, almost half of the respondents expect the negative.

Participants at the rally of supporters of former President of Moldova Igor Dodon in Chisinau - RIA Novosti, 1920, 07/29/2022
Participants at the rally organized by former President of Moldova Igor Dodon in Chisinau

43 percent of the government’s reviewers are in favor of the immediate dissolution of the government because of its terrible performance. And 22 percent don’t see anything good about it, but believe they can be given a chance to improve. About 60 percent favor early parliamentary and presidential elections.

The same trick noted that the authorities are trying to hide the incompetence behind the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It is noteworthy that one-third of the respondents described the current government as the worst in the last decade.

At the same time, Moldovans consider Dodon and Sandu the most successful politicians – 48 percent and 33 percent, respectively. 44 percent support the Socialists, 39 percent support the Shor Party, 28 percent PAS. Also, the rating of opposition organizations during the year While it increased by around 10 percent, the ruling party, on the contrary, decreased by 20 percent. The iData poll showed that if parliamentary elections were held at the end of June, Sandu’s party would have lost a majority. PSRM would get 43 seats, Shor – 21, PAS – 37.

specter of revolution

PAS MP Oazu Nantoi does not rule out an attempt to overthrow Sandu in the fall, as he does not try to flee the country like Tauber Shor. Opponents accused the president of committing a witch hunt. According to them, the country is heading towards a dictatorship.

RANEPA Professor, Doctor of Political Science, Natalia Kharitonova, says Moldovan authorities are trying to defuse the collapse of the economy by hiding behind European integration and the Ukraine crisis, but they are not deceiving the electorate. Therefore, Sandu took the rivals.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu speaks to journalists after voting at a ballot box in Chisinau during the early parliamentary elections in Moldova - RIA Novosti, 1920, 07/29/2022
Moldovan President Maia Sandu spoke to reporters after voting at a ballot box in Chisinau during Moldova’s early parliamentary elections.

“The official Chisinau is moving decisively, but the regime still cannot be called stable. It is unlikely to fall as a result of a coup d’etat this fall: rather, it will take place under the weight of problems that the government does not solve, but increase,” says the expert. For example, Sandu stepped up efforts to drive Russian peacekeepers out of Transnistria rather than try to curb inflation.

Moldovan political analyst Igor Tulyantsev said, “The authorities have lost their legitimacy. Food prices have increased by 34 percent and public services by 40 percent. Even the backbone of Sandu voters is beginning to doubt the project called “Foreign countries will help us”.

He sees Plahotniuc’s return as an alternative to the ruling regime. “Sandu will liquidate the PSRM and Shor and then be able to replace them with Vladimir Plahotniuc’s Democratic Party, whose representatives still control a fifth of the city councils,” the political scientist said.

Sandu will continue to portray “the beacon of democracy” and the damned oligarch will be his enemy. For a while, Dodon and Shor coped with the role, but now voters love them more than the president’s team. The West will support such a maneuver, because the most important thing for it is the preservation of a loyal regime. According to Tulyantsev, the events of the last few months clearly prove that Sandu’s curators have given the green light to any action to suppress opposition.

Source: Ria

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