PoliticsDelivery of arms: Two open letters, one target

Delivery of arms: Two open letters, one target


Two open letters on the surrender of heavy weapons divided the republic. In “maybrit illner”, the supporters of the interested parties find each other at some points.

Two open letters for Nicole Deitelhoff to Chancellor Olaf Scholz are a bad omen for the current state of the debate. “There are no more shades of gray,” said the peace researcher “maybrit illner” at the ZDF program.

Ranga Yogeshwar, co-author of the initial text and Marina Weisband, first signatory of the reply letter, proved the opposite with their respectful exchange during the talk.

Yogeshwar: Ukraine’s chances are slim

“We’re getting more and more into military rhetoric, and we’re talking more about weapons than negotiations,” Yogeshwar said. Said. Science journalist warns against fueling a nuclear conflict. Ukraine’s chances of winning the war are slim. There is a need for negotiations and agreement as quickly as possible, rather than causing more suffering.

We have to make sure it doesn’t escalate.

Ranga Yogeshwar

Even before the war, prominent politicians made numerous misjudgements of the situation.

“Both letters ask for peace,” Weisband told Yogeshwar almost equally. But the German-Ukrainian journalist warns against only a so-called peace. If Ukraine surrendered and left the area, the civilians there would be raped and killed. “All the authoritarian powers, all the nuclear powers are watching us,” Weisband said.

Weisband warns of deadly signal

He sees this as a deadly signal to give the impression that offensive wars will be profitable only if the fear of further escalation is fueled. And: “Ukrainians have the right to self-defense.” “Both open letters should not be seen as a confrontation,” Yogeshwar said. Said. Both views expressed for and against the surrender of heavy weapons will be more or less balanced among the people.

What is happening now threatens to degenerate into a new Cold War for other nations.

Ranga Yogeshwar

This should be avoided at all costs, because the resources of an international armament are much more urgently needed to combat climate change. Weisband agreed. Both classified the Russian attack as a return to ancient times.

  • Climate protection because of the war on the ice?

    The journalist also sees the cause of the war in the fact that “Ukraine has transformed into new values ​​and norms.” Yes, the climate requires resources tied to the war. But Weisband asked, “What’s the best way?” he asked. But it just “falls mightily in the face” of someone trying such a war of aggression. Where democracy is invested, “dictators get their asses down”.

    CDU Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer supported the first letter opposing the surrender of heavy weapons. CDU foreign policy maker Norbert Röttgen stressed that the CDU/CSU parliamentary group has the opposite view. “It is a mistaken judgment to believe that Putin needs motivation from us for his policies,” said Röttgen.

    Röttgen: The letter encourages war

    “This letter is a plea for the right of the fittest,” said Röttgen of the first letter. And this leads not to peace, but to war and violence. “Russia will remain Europe’s security problem for years, perhaps even longer,” Röttgen said. But: “The vision that Russia will once again be part of the European peace order must remain.”

    Returning to the situation before the Russian offensive on February 24 can be defined as a western goal. SPD Secretary General Kevin Kühnert considers it dangerous to use international rules on arms deliveries as a benchmark. Putin is only occasionally interested in the rules of the game. It is important not to be careless. “We don’t do anything that will weaken our own defensive ability,” Kühnert said. And: “So far we weigh everything very responsibly.”

    You can always find the latest news about the Russian attack on Ukraine on our live blog:

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