MSK will help Donbass election commissions if they ask

Election commission workers counting the votes. Archive photo

Vice-President Bulaev: CEC will help Donbass electoral commissions to vote at their request

MOSCOW, September 7 – RIA Novosti. The Central Election Commission of Russia is ready to assist the election commissions of Donbass in voting on joining the Russian Federation, as well as in the selection of premises for the voting of refugees in the Russian Federation if they receive appropriate requests, Nikolai Bulaev, Deputy Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation, told RIA Novosti.

“If they ask for help, we will go. There will be a referendum, there will be order, law will be passed or the decision of local governments, where to open ballot boxes, how many ballot boxes they will open, this Bulaev is not under the jurisdiction of the Central Election Commission, but if they turn to us for help in the choice of buildings in Russia We will definitely help.” said.

Earlier, Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andriy Turchak said that on November 4, National Unity Day, it would be right to hold a referendum in the Donbass and liberated regions of Ukraine, because this is a historic date that unites everyone in space. of the Russian world.

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