Corona rules for autumn – overview

The Bundestag has approved new nationwide corona rules for the fall. States can make more specifications. Rules at a glance.

A woman carries an FFP-2 mask in Frankfurt's Zeil shopping street in the afternoon.

After only a few days’ requirements in summer, more corona protection requirements are possible again for autumn. The Bundestag approved the legislative package of the traffic light coalition. It looks from October 1 – April 7, 2023 masks and other rules for tests.

The opposition has criticized the plans, which are expected to pass the Federal Council on September 16. Rules at a glance:

Federal Rules

Valid nationwide FFP2 mask requirement in clinics, nursing homes and nursing homes medical applications, as well as for anyone aged 14 and over, also long distance trains. For children aged 6-13, a simpler surgical mask is sufficient. Inside airplanes The mask requirement is completely eliminated. However, if the number of cases increases, the federal government may reintroduce the requirement to wear masks in air traffic by regulation.

In addition to the mask, first access nursing homes and clinics A negative test must be submitted. To strengthen the protection of those in need of care who are particularly at risk, households should appoint, for example, officials who deal with vaccinations, hygiene and treatments for those sick with the drug Paxlovid.

Other rules of countries: First level

Federal states may impose more requirements. This one includes Masks are mandatory in public transport or in general public indoor areas such as shops and restaurants.

Contact mask requirement exceptions. who is a stream negative test not required to wear a mask: this usually applies to entertainment, cultural and sporting events or related facilities and gastronomy.

Open schools and kindergartens tests may be prescribed. Masks are also possible in schools – but only from the fifth grade.

This is what the second country level provides

a regionally more critical corona situation federal states may impose more requirements. This also includes mask requirements at outdoor events, if any. distances 1.50 meters is not possible. can be prescribed hygiene concepts for businesses and other organizations. Moreover Visitor Covers It may be possible for indoor events.

However, the state government concerned cannot simply specify these measures; Act of parliament necessary. It is also a condition special threat for healthcare or other important supply areas for a region – in an overview of infection numbers and other indicators.

Additional Plans

For a more critical infection situation expected in autumn and winter, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) is also planning a new vaccination campaign, faster drug use for patients and more precise data on hospital occupancy.

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