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Post: CDU seeks improvements to aid package


The traffic light government’s plans draw the CDU’s displeasure. NRW Prime Minister Wüst is sharply critical, and the leadership around Friedrich Merz has their own ideas for helping.

The Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hendrik Wüst (CDU), called for the improvement of the aid package of the traffic light coalition through negotiations with the federal states. “What’s missing is an answer on small and medium businesses, the economy and energy prices,” Wüst said, according to information from the news portal The Pioneer on Wednesday evening. “We will go to the mediation commission if necessary.”

This is where countries start their business life.

Hendrick Wüst (CDU), Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia

He sensed the desire of many to hold a prime ministerial conference with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD). An appointment for this is currently being coordinated with the federal government.

Draft calls for price ceilings for basic electricity and gas needs

Wüst called for negotiations on the issue. The president of the Prime Minister’s Conference said he would not allow himself to be presented with a fait accompli, according to the slogan “take it or leave it.” More than 30 billion euros in tax funding from this package is not “okay” and the federal states are automatically assumed to participate: “The federal government hasn’t spoken to any of us.”

Even the closest CDU leadership, around party leader Friedrich Merz, wants to pressure Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s traffic light government with their own proposals to save citizens and companies from high energy prices. The draft energy proposal submitted to the German Press Agency for the upcoming federal party conference envisions a price cap for private households for a basic requirement for electricity and gas.

The meeting of 1,001 delegates starts on Friday in Hannover. In the face of the impending debate over the introduction of a women’s quota, leading CDU politicians have called for moderation.

CDU: 300 Euro too little

About the gas cap, the energy lead application draft says: “The base gas requirement should be 75 percent of the previous year’s consumption and a price of twelve cents per kilowatt hour should be guaranteed.”

The statement was finalized on Wednesday evening and sent to the members of the board of directors. The Executive Board should discuss and decide on the main proposal at a preparatory meeting this Thursday afternoon. On Friday, delegates must discuss and decide on the application. He had reported on a sketch on the online “Business Insider”.

According to the ten-page document, small and middle-income people will be disproportionately relaxed at the price ceiling.
Draft. The energy flat rate of 300 euros set by the federal government is too low for low- and middle-income people, given the sharp rise in energy prices.

Therefore, households in the lower third of the income bracket should be supported with an energy aid of 1,000 Euros.

From the CDU draft for the energy proposal

A moratorium on terminating all private electricity and gas supply contracts over the next six months is also required.

Rewards for gas savings

To promote energy savings, it is also necessary to introduce “energy citizen vouchers” for all energy-saving private households. “For example, every kilowatt-hour of gas saved compared to 2021 can be rewarded,” the newspaper says. In addition, citizens who have their heating systems checked this year should be given a 100 Euro tradesman’s check.

Source: ZDF

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