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Post: The most “calm” elections have begun in Russia


Display with EDG-2022 symbols at MSK in Moscow. Archive photo

MOSCOW, September 9 — RIA Novosti. There are approximately 4.7 thousand votes at various levels in the country. We are talking about more than 31.2 thousand deputies and elected positions. CEC head Ella Pamfilova said this campaign was lively, competitive and at the same time the calmest in the last decade.

Where will the elections be held?

In Russia, a single voting day is September 11, and in some regions elections will be held within three days from September 9. “As a result, potentially more than 44 million voters could participate in the vote,” said CEC head Ella Pamfilova. said.

Direct elections of the governors will be held in 14 subjects and the president in Adygea will be determined by the parliament. Legislative assemblies will be formed in six regions, in five regions according to the mixed system, and in one region according to party lists. They will vote for the deputies of the administrative centers on 12 issues. In addition, local governments need to be decided at various levels.

What will change in the capital?

In the municipal elections in Moscow, 1417 mandates will be changed in 125 districts. According to the Moscow City Election Committee, more than six thousand candidates were registered. Nearly 1,000 were rejected: in 465 cases, 599 were withdrawn or did not bring the required documents due to unreliability of signatures.

Most representatives of “United Russia” – 1261. Communist Party – 928, from the “New People” party – 547, “Fair Russia – For Truth” – 503, LDPR – 308. In the last place – “Yabloko” candidates with 179.

Explaining that there are few candidates, party leader Nikolai Rybakov noted that the main message of the election campaigns is not to solve the problems of Muscovites, but to condemn the military special operation.

Who will watch?

There are more than 51,000 public observers in the elections this year. The Russian Civil Chamber, where the Center for Public Inspection was opened, will be in contact with them on all voting days.

There will be no foreign observers, as international treaties only make their presence felt in federal elections. Pamfilova said many experts showed great interest in the Russian election, as the country has an “unprecedented amount of innovation in the electronics field.”

vote remotely

Remote electronic voting will be held on Single Voting Day on September 11 in eight regions: Moscow, Kaliningrad, Novgorod, Tomsk, Yaroslavl, Kaluga, Kursk and Pskov regions.

You can vote on the portal or in the special mobile application (for residents of Moscow).

Source: Ria

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