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Post: US warns Truss against unilateral changes


The Northern Ireland deal, which is part of Brexit, has repeatedly caused tensions between the EU and Great Britain. Now the US warns the new British Premier Truss of changes.

The US has warned new British Prime Minister Liz Truss against any unilateral changes to the Brexit deal with the European Union.
Any attempt to undermine the Northern Ireland deal would negatively impact UK-US trade talks, US spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said on Wednesday.

As Secretary of State, Truss passed legislation aimed at overturning the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol.

The British government personally negotiated the protocol as part of the exit from the EU. It imposes special customs rules on Northern Ireland to keep the delicate border between the British province and the EU’s province of Ireland open, as well as to prevent the re-ignition of the Northern Ireland conflict.

Customs border in the Irish Sea causes delivery problems

However, the agreement created a de facto customs border in the Irish Sea separating Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom. This led, among other things, to delivery problems and also to great resentment in Great Britain.

The law amending the Northern Ireland Protocol lifted the first parliamentary block, with a vote in the House of Commons at the end of June. In addition to tax changes and a labeling system for goods, it also stipulates that the European Court of Justice should no longer be responsible for disputes over the implementation of Brexit. The EU harshly criticizes the project and threatens to go to the European Court of Justice.

Truss had pressed for a resolution to the Northern Ireland Protocol dispute in a phone call with Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Wednesday evening. In a phone call to Truss on Tuesday, US President Joe Biden insisted on maintaining peace in Northern Ireland and negotiating a compromise with the EU, according to the Office of the President.

Source: ZDF

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