Post: They reported that there were provocation attempts in polling stations in Udmurtia.

A man in a ballot box. Archive photo

In Udmurtia, they reported their attempts to go to the polls under the guise of journalists.

UFA, September 10 – RIA Novosti. The Udmurtia Election Committee reported attempts to go to the polls under the guise of journalists without the accreditation of the CEC.

In the republic, there is a three-day vote in the elections of the president of Udmurtia and deputies of the local parliament.

“We see provocative signs of violations when some individuals present the commissions with anonymous certificates, demanding that the commissions allow them to be in polling stations despite the lack of official accreditation,” the region’s MSK said in a statement. Said. .

“In the first two days of voting, we see intense complaints from representatives of political parties accusing the election boards of not allowing journalists to enter the polls.”

The election commission, in accordance with the accreditation procedure of media representatives, has the right to be at the ballot boxes, take photos and videos at the ballot boxes and be present during the counting of votes, only those accredited by the CEC of the Russian Federation or the CEC of Udmurtia. The election commission states that media representatives who do not submit an accreditation notice within the stipulated time do not have these rights and may be removed from the polls.

“All accredited journalists submitted documents to the Udmurtia MSK on time, received accreditation certificates of the established form,” MSK said.

Source: Ria

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